Coron Island, Palawan in The Philippines holds many treasures. From thermal lakes, blue lagoons, caves, private islands and talc beaches.

Enter, Two Seasons Coron.






Presenting a haven in the middle ground of fine luxury and raw nature, here are 4 reasons for you to visit:


1) Two Seasons Coron is a turtle and giant clam sanctuary.



2) It is known as the first eco-friendly luxury island resort in Coron. Among the myriad things to look forward to is a sandbar that connects to an islet, a vibrant house reef, lush tropical gardens, a 200-meter west-side beach, and another 200-meter east-side beach with mangroves.




3) The staff are 7-stars-well-trained, geared to anticipate every move, every dish, and every direction of breath you’ll ever make.









4) Locally known as Malaroyroy lsland, the Two Seasons Coron holds one of the most pristine private beaches in the world. Ranked as one of Asia’s Best Kept Secrets, This haven is a hedonist’s playground, and officially, one of my personal favorites.








The best or nothing,