Annie Féolde,





One of the most renowned female ambassadors for Italian cuisine in the world. She was born in Nice, France, to a family of hoteliers. Chef Annie Féolde initially wanted to steer away from the field and tried her hand at a variety of jobs before moving to Italy in 1969. Which is where she met Giorgio Pinchiorri and together, with him, started Enoteca Pinchiorri.

This was the beginning of her journey of over 30 years in the world of one cuisine.




At over 70, she still displays the same enthusiasm for cooking and pushing the culinary envelope as she did when she began. The first woman outside France to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars. She began her learning reading French cuisine books, before turning to Italian and Tuscan traditions, which She eventually revisited in a contemporary way, establishing her signature taste in the process.

In her words, She is “self-taught and happy to be so. ”Her cooking style is focused on respect for locally available ingredients, ensuring that anything that carries her name does not forget the roots, Tuscan and Italian, as they adapt with simplicity and attention to the needs of the body.





Inspired by Giorgio Pinchiorri at the beginning of her culinary career, her kitchen is born and perennially developed around the incredible wines that he brings to their guests.

Annie Féolde’s mission is to constantly innovate and achieve better results.




Only the best,