Designed by renowned architect Andre Fu, the Upper House is an intimate 5-star hotel, in all sense.

While bespoke living is rapidly growing in cities like Dubai, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, nothing defines it better than the pleasurable pursuit of waking up at the Upper House.






I was part of a family, not a visitor. The staff knew exactly what I wanted; warmth, simplicity, hedonistic.

There was something very calming about the energy that surrounds every corner, it was merry, familiar, and yet surprisingly refreshing.






Each member of the team behind this admirable haven has been hand-picked to perfection.
The ability to understand and anticipate what a guest truly needs when traveling in their element, is a gift enhanced by empathy and training.






To say that the Upper House is a hotel is like saying white truffle is just fungus. It wouldn’t do justice.

Allow me, with all my globe-trotting, I’ve experienced most of the world’s finest, some claim to be 7-stars, but nothing as personalized as this.

The moment you check-in The Upper House, you walk into a Lifestyle, not a hotel.



Only the best,



Mr. Raven