Year after year, as this city grows, Restauranteurs in Dubai bring tasteful surprises from all over the world to be enjoyed by their hungry crowd.



This one in particular, caught my attention. 







Being brought up in New York and cultured all over the planet; I have always had that apetite for great food.







If you have not been to the one in the big apple at 9th avenue, and you live in Dubai, then it is a sin to not indulge in this haven of subliminal and gastronomical experience. 

The Atmosphere is tailored for a seductive date, and, ideally, for groups who are in crucial need of a feast. 







Let me just say, they had to roll me like a whale, out of this place. The portions are very generous; every bite, every sip, every flavor infused in these engineered dishes were of utmost satisfaction. 


A personal FAVORITE, from now on. 











Visit CATCH at the Fairmont Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. 




only the best, 

 we deserve the best,




Mr. Raven