Every now and then, I remind myself that our lives aren’t measured by the things we own, but by the moments that take our breath away.



Enter, Mandapa.




Lucas Raven




One of Bali’s best kept secrets lies at a parallel universe in Ubud.

A sanctuary for the romantics, royals, and dreamers alike. A space so vast, it has everything you can ever ask for.

Verdant rice paddies, meandering pathways, gently rolling hills, and the soothing Ayung River set a glorious backdrop for Mandapa.


In the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali, visitors are transported to a place where joy is found in luxuries as simple as time, dragonflies, an abundance of nature, and a quiet moment of reflection that will resonate for years to come.





Lucas Raven2





Secluded from the distractions of daily life, resort guests will discover the peace of mind and body that has drawn devotees to area mandapas, or temples, for thousands of years. An intimate hotel of only 60 villas and suites, Mandapa features two swimming pools, a luxury spa and active excursions to awaken the spirit. Ubud is the perfect place to escape and discover.


To truly experience the magic, one must simply be willing.









It is a whimsical affair with nature, where the spirit of possibilities can run wild and free once again.




Mandapa Bali





Where a personal butler anticipates your next adventure. May it be food, beverage, or mind and body healing, the variety is sublime and is tailored to who you are, or, who you desire to be while in this wonderland.




It is after all, the third, and to this day, the “most-talked-about” Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the world.













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