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lucas raven at The Seychelles



Tsogo Sun’s two Seychelles hotels, MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa and Paradise Sun, offer unique experiences. Both properties are nestled in seclusion on pristine white beaches common to this island paradise.

MAIA stretches over its very own private peninsula on the Southwest coast of Mahé and offers spectacular panoramic views over Anse Louis. Paradise Sun is tucked away on the North Eastern side of exquisite Praslin Island in the unspoiled Seychelles archipelago and offers an idyllic seaside vacation.


While each hotel has its own distinct personality, they both offer unsurpassed luxury and relaxation.






MAIA is a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. Hidden within a private peninsula, this palm-filled paradise offers guests a place to leave the world and its worries behind, and indulge in utter luxury and relaxation. Each villa is looked after by a highly discreet and intuitive butler, who will instinctively anticipate any need or wish.


Butlers will ensure that every expectation is surpassed – from arranging a private dinner on the beach to preparing a rose-petal bath at twilight – nothing is too much. MAIA is the ideal destination for guests looking for more than just a place to rest their head, it is a retreat for an all-encompassing experiential getaway.



From fully personalised dining, authentic spa treatments and unforgettable activities –

the MAIA experience offers so much more.



03 Maia Landscape




And truth be told,

it also holds one of the best infinity pools I’ve ever laid eyes on.



lucas raven at Maia Seychelles






The best or nothing,